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How Can you Trust your HVAC Technician?

Heating, ventilation and cooling can be a complex trade. HVAC technicians may work in sub-freezing or scorching temperatures, maneuvering through small or awkward spaces to diagnose increasingly complicated systems. It’s a tough service job that requires experience, training, certifications or licenses and people skills. So, why is it that we typically trust doctors, airline pilots …

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Getting a stimulus check?

Getting a stimulus check? Maybe it’s time to repair or replace your AC or heating system? If they have been well maintained, the air conditioning components can last up to about 15 years and the furnace even up to 20, but issues of economic obsolescence apply. Money spent on repairs of an aging HVAC system …

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Clogged dryer vent cleaning

Clothes Dryer Vent Cleaning

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TONS of Cooling!

In school, kids learn that one ton is equal to 2,000 pounds. Logically, if you had a 4-ton air conditioner or heat pump, you would expect your 8,000-pound piece of equipment to arrive on a flatbed truck! But thank goodness that is not the case! The tonnage or weight assigned to air conditioners and heat …

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