How’s Your Air Conditioning Working?

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Fretting over a broken down air conditioner? Well you just need to calm down and call the nearest air conditioning repairing service.

Just like your car, your air conditioning system needs to be serviced from time to time. Many property owners fail to properly maintain their systems because of how durable they seem. Your unit is built to withstand much wear, tear, and abuse, but proper regular service will help yours to run as long as it possibly can.

Your unit needs to be checked annually to ensure it is in proper working order. One of the biggest reasons to do this is to maintain efficiency. Each year that your unit operates, it will lose about 5 percent of its efficiency, if it is not maintained. However, with proper maintenance and regular tune-ups, your unit should be able to maintain up to 95 percent of its efficiency.

Why is this important? Not only will an efficient system keep you cooler, but it will also dehumidify your home better. An efficient air conditioning system will also cost substantially less to run throughout the year. So, you will be more comfortable and have more money in your pocket if you have your system checked regularly, making this a very important part of your overall home maintenance.

So where can you turn for this sort of service? Most air conditioning repair and installation companies will offer some sort of annual checkup service. Be sure to call in the spring before the summer rush hits for the best prices. Once it gets hot out, more and more people are going to be clamoring for HVAC services.

At the tune-up the technician will usually clean the condensing unit coils, oil the fan motors, check the belts, check the operating pressures and temperatures, and check the amp draw for the compressor. It will also involve a check on the coolant level. If the coolant is 10 percent or more less than the recommended level, your unit will cost about 20 percent more to run, so topping off your coolant is an important part of this service.

Topping off the coolant is not something you can do yourself. Because freon is damaging to the ozone layer, your contractor has to add it in a special way. Also, your contractor will have to check your air conditioning system for leaks, because freon cannot be added to a leaky system. If there are leaks, the contractor is bound by law to fix them.

After you have had your yearly tune-up, consider buying a more efficient filter. Change the filters regularly to keep the unit running at its top level. If you have shrubs or bushes around the outdoor unit, keep them trimmed so they are far from it. If possible, avoid planting anything around it, other than grass. Keep the supply outlets open to keep the unit functioning well.

Remember, regular maintenance to your air conditioning system is just as important as it is to your car. Without it, you will lose efficiency and pay more to operate your system.

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