AC Grill Problems and Cleaning

Air conditioner return vent covers, as their name implies, hide the return vents, which pull air into your air conditioner before it is redistributed throughout each room. Homeowners may have the ducts cleaned as part of their cooling system maintenance, but vent covers may be ignored. Dust and other debris that becomes caught in the narrow slats of the vent cover may eventually be forced into your home’s air system. Dust that makes its way into your air conditioning duct system not only irritates allergies, but it can also cause your cooling system to work harder, making it less energy-efficient.

Clogged condensation line? We understand. It’s a messy problem.

You should get this fixed fast because a drain line clog can cause big problems like:

  • Causing hundreds to thousands of dollars in water damage
  • Allowing harmful contaminants like mold, mildew, virus and bacteria to grow in the drain line
  • Starting a house fire due to backed up water leaking onto electrical components of your heating and cooling system

There are two things you can do to unclog it:  Call on a professional air conditioning technician from Advanced HVAC

AC Handling Blower Fan Cleaning

Blower cleaning is essential to maintain the working and longevity of the appliance as well as the blower itself. Surprisingly, even a small amount of dirt and debris makes a big reduction in airflow. That’s because it doesn’t take much dust and dirt to fill the slight curvature of the fan blades in these units.

The Importance of Changing your Filters

By following a regular, annual routine of having your system inspected by a professional, you can extend its life and increase its efficiency over the course of its operating years.

Installation Before and After

Even if there are no overt problems with your HVAC system, it will lose a certain percentage of its efficiency from one year to the next. Let’s say it only loses three percent a year. That means that by year five you have a system that is working 15% less efficiently than when you first bought it. Not only is this a drain on resources and the environmentFree Reprint Articles, the differences in your electric bill are going to reflect this. Having your system receive a tune up every year along with some basic maintenance is going to avoid some of this efficiency decline. The savings in your monthly electric bill may be more than enough to cover the extra costs.

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