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Air conditioning services in TemeculaThe busier we all get in this busy world we live in, the less we keep track of the amount we are spending on our utilities. This especially is true in regards to our Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Systems.

Did you know that as of June 2016 your energy cost went up? Although it is only $.001 higher, it still effects what you pay on a daily basis for your electricity. And this price is subject to change yearly. Heating and Cooling in Southern California is now half of your electricity bill!!

Plenty of times home owners overlook certain things like their energy consumption. For example, if your unit is not the proper size, the efficiency of your unit will not cool or heat the house properly. Also if your unit is an older unit, you will be paying more out of your pocket on air conditioning repair than you would to replace it with a new and more efficient one.

There are many ways to keep your energy costs low and if you take the time to correctly choose and use a professional HVAC repair service you will be surprised on how much you will be saving yearly.

Here is all you need to know to make your utility costs low and the proper tools to find the right HVAC system that will be efficient for your home.

Make sure your HVAC unit is the correct size. An HVAC unit too large or too small for your will not run at its optimum efficiency and as a result, will not cycle on long enough to allow the home to heat or cool evenly.

Make sure your HVAC unit is no older than 10 years according to the EPA standards. This will ensure a more efficient unit and as a result you will be saving a huge amount in heating and cooling costs.

*Remember, the older the unit, the harder it is to cycle the air, thus resulting in a higher utility bill.

Rate your unit by its SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). This is a scale brought by the EPA in order to rate the efficiency of Air Conditioning and Heating units. Ask a professional HVAC Repair service technician to include you in on the best cooling and heating units with the best SEER rating for your home.

If your unit is running inadequately, make sure to contact our qualified HVAC professionals at Advanced Heating and Air in Temecula to diagnose the problem and make sure it is taken care of.

It is very important to keep up with your routine tune-up, or you can find yourself with a larger problem. The best way to know for sure is to consult with our professionals.

To have you system checked contact Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning located in Temecula at (951) 609-9881. Here is a link to some coupons.

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